The Field Prophet adaptive risk assessment app is FREE to use for this entire growing season.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by seeing the daily risk for your fields during the critical flowering stage of crop growth. If weather conditions are conducive to crop infection, the risk values will show High risk before symptoms occur. This gives you time to decide on management options and/or scout more thoroughly. You deserve the best. 

Anticipates tar spot in corn, and white mold in soybeans

Proper timing of fungicide applications is essential for maximum ROI. Field Prophet goes beyond a one-size-fits all approach and uses the newest research driven models to predict daily risk assessments of each field independently Did it seem hot and dry last week? Was it cool and wet two or three weeks ago? Can you recall thousands of hourly temperature and wetness values accurately? The Field Prophet app does this for you, in less time than it took to read this sentence.

The Field Prophet app uses professional premium gridded hourly weather to calculate risk recommendations that are tailored for your specific location and specific date. This is not a one size fits all recommendation. This is not a recommendation that just chooses one growth stage for when to spray. The app generates a unique risk recommendation that tells you when weather conditions at your location are conducive to the onset of infection. This allows you to anticipate crop disease before it gets to the crop.

Accurate And Available now

The scientific models used in the Field Prophet app are the very latest unbiased university research models. Model recommendations which are measured, tested, retested and peer reviewed throughout the Midwest and southern Canada. Following the recommendations calculated in this new model has consistently ranked in the top three management practices that will prevent yield loss and provide the best return on investments.

Field Prophet combines the best science and the most accurate weather information allowing you to anticipate tar spot. No weather stations required means no downtime or maintenance, no second guessing if the station fell over or if dust on the drone camera is skewing the results. Field Prophet is available at any time of the day to provide daily and forecast risk information for each of your fields allowing you to sleep easy at night.

(Made for iPhone, iPad, and M1 Macs. Android version is under construction.)