It’s like a weather forecast, made for crop disease risk!

Field Prophet

Focused on Agriculture

Field Prophet turns the most unpredictable element in farming, the weather, into a powerful partner for every grower to use to their advantage. Field Prophet creates risk prediction tools that will impact and improve current agriculture sustainability.

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Past Weather Predicts Future Crop Risks

Weather happens! So let’s use it to your advantage. Field Prophet data science experts turn local weather history into a tool you can use to help predict the potential risks for your agriculture fields.

Scalable Solutions

Field Prophet science instantly calculates potential risks for your fields, whenever – wherever. Our tools are scalable and can be used stand-alone or incorporated anywhere into the Ag value chain.

Made Easy

Research labs and Field Prophet are constantly inventing new methods and models to help agriculture. Field Prophet goes a step further and brings the science to life as an easy to use tool for your agriculture business. 

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Add Green to your business

Using Field Prophet helps reduce your impact on the environment and saves you money. When you know the risks, you only pay for control measures that are effective.